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A Passage into the “Stories of Bharata”

Stories are Who We Are. Stories make up our lives. They bring both meaning and feelings to our experiences.

Above all, Stories Connect. They connect us to our Roots and to our Ambitions. They Connect us to our Past and to our Future. They Connect us to People Young and Old, to Places that are Hot and Cold. In fact Storytelling (Cognitive Revolution) was one of the First Revolutions that created the Human Civilization.

And Bharata has been the Greatest StoryTeller of them all. We are a civilization of StoryTellers. The First Story was the Brihat Katha, which was narrated by Shiva to Parvati. The Puranas are tales and stories that connect us to our Devtas. All the four purposes of Life: Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha, have been passed down to us in the form of Stories. From Narada Muni to Ganesha, From Valmiki to Vyasa, From Tagore to Devdutt Pattnaik, the Bharateeya in us is a Grand Storyteller.

It is no surprise that that stories are also the most powerful and effective way to learn and to teach. From the child in the womb to the man on the street, everyone can learn through the World of Stories.

Omnio Future Academy is using this Grand Stage to present OM Radio which is a Passage into the Stories of Bharata. We will keep bringing to you

Knowledge Series through Stories, 

Children’s Activities through Stories,

Travel Journeys through Stories,

Cultural Learning through Stories

and many more diverse genres of stories. So sit tight and ENJOY THIS JOURNEY WITH US!!!

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